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  商品編號: BD2516985
  商品名稱: IK Multimedia Syntronik DeLuxe Content HYBRID-R2R WiN/OSX (藍光)虛擬合成器
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $200元
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IK Multimedia Syntronik DeLuxe Content HYBRID-R2R WiN/OSX (藍光)虛擬合成器
Syntronik Deluxe不僅僅是一個簡單的虛擬儀器。這是一個很棒的,合成的,令人振奮的集合,捕捉獨特的字符和聲音從整個歷史上的模擬和數字合成器在一個單一的集合。SurtRunk Deluxe是這類最完整、最通用的軟件包,允許你探索合成詞的無限域,以獲得最大的靈感和最好的音效體驗。

IK Multimedia Syntronik DeLuxe Content HYBRID-R2R screenshotDATE : 2019.10.19 | NUMBER : 8394 | 

Syntronik Deluxe is far more than just a plain virtual instrument. It's an awesome, synthtastic, mind-blowing collection thats captures unique characters and sounds from the entire history of analog and digital synthesizers in a single collection. Syntronik Deluxe is the most complete, versatile package of this kind, allowing you to explore the infinite domains of the synth-verse, for maximum inspiration and the best sonic experience possible.

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