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  商品名稱: Lumion 10.0 Pro(藍光) 讓你的3D 運算工作更加輕鬆
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Lumion 10.0 Pro(藍光) 讓你的3D 運算工作更加輕鬆
Lumion 10! 真實的美麗,前所未有的渲染速度。

在建築設計流程中, Lumion 10 一如以往地能讓你的3D 運算工作更加輕鬆。 想像一下你想要如何展示作品,而Lumion 就能輕易將你的想法轉換實現。 其他人將能夠看到你創出來的美麗畫面,遞轉到他們想像的生活當中。 有了Lumion 10 的新功能,要做出充滿豐富細節的住宅與商業大樓是更加容易了! 在室內投射出各種光影變化,做出各種自然風景與城市景觀。

十年磨成一劍。 穩定、直覺的算圖軟體。 特別為建築設計師而生。


Lumion不斷的定義著何謂渲染: 那便是快速無壓力且具有出色的結果。 現在,有了Lumion 9,你不僅僅感受到空間同時您還可以立即為您的專案注入活力,同時也滿足了從前所未有過的速度進而捕捉逼真的環境。

添加一鍵式Real Skies,幫您的場景增添新的亮點,也立即為您的設計創造一個美麗並獨特的背景。 讓真實的雨水搭配舒適的空間,現在您還可以用毛茸茸的地毯和蓬鬆的毯子加以裝飾。 對於逼真的花園拍攝,應用全新的自定義3D草材料,您幾乎可以感受到腳下剛修整好的草坪。

全新並簡化的場景構建工具可幫助您在幾分鐘內創建複雜的環境。 除了改進的工作流程外,Lumion令人驚嘆的渲染速度以及驚人的圖像和視頻都在您的所能使用的功能中。 使用Lumion 9展示您設計的真正美感,並與您的客戶建立真正的聯繫。


Lumion 可以幫助您透過新的「手繪輪廓」功能,明確傳達建築設計。 軟化家具和結構的堅硬邊緣、透過「微縮鏡效果」模擬的模型,並以令人大開眼界的4K 解析度渲染影像,實現更為真實的外觀。 您也可以透過多變的控制效果,同時設定多個選項,並挑出最滿意的答案。 將物件組合在一起,便於場景構建;並得益於更多增強功能,如曲線大量放置放功能、新的量測工具以及更好的圖層效果。


Lumion 可以讓您隨著時間的推移,逐步提升您的模型外觀。 即使您已導入了模型並構建了場景,您依然可以通過一鍵點擊,來快速更新您的模型並將輸出至Lumion 當中。 輸出插件可兼容Archicad 和Revit,直接輸出Sketchup(.skp)檔案。 可使用的檔案類型包括:DAE、 FBX、SKP 和DWG 檔案,可以從任何CAD 軟體封包中輸出至Lumion 當中。


將影像渲染至MyLumion,您可以透過平板電腦為用戶端呈現一個互動式的演示。 您也可以通過電子郵件發送連結給客戶,提供他們最快速的更新資訊。 客戶們可以實際從多個預定義的點中查看畫面,且連結可以作用在手機,平板,PC 和MAC 上。

您可能會意識到,並不是所有的建築物都要保持原始或呈現完美。 Lumion 可以輕易地將乾淨的牆壁和雕像變成現實的生活物件,讓它們覆蓋上樹葉,擁有瑕疵及自然風化。 這些新功能可通過尋找自然材質的邊緣、粗糙度和其他性質,使它們看起來已經歷過一段時間,消除電腦產生影像的生冷感。 用樹葉覆蓋材質或新增風化、老化和透明度。 添加燈條或區域照明,將牆壁變成數千個葉子,或者爬上常春藤。 所有這一切都只需按下按鈕,即可達成。

●20 個全新窗簾預設,每一個具有特定的圖案和透明度。
●20 種新的風化和老化材質,包括金、青銅、銀、皮革、塑膠、石頭和木材。
●9 種新的植物材質(僅限於Lumion Pro)。

Lumion 10.0 Pro |
Languages: English, 中文, 中文 (TW), Čeština, Dansk, Nederlands, Français, Deutsch, Ελληνικά, עברית, Italiano,
日本語, 한국어, Norsk, Polski, Português (BR), Русский, Español (ES), Türkçe, Slovenčina
Act-3D has released Lumion 10.0, the latest version of its real-time architectural visualisation software, adding a higher-quality render preview and new materials with baked displacement maps.

There is also an experimental new Artist Styles feature, which uses AI techniques to stylise renders to look like the work of famous painters.

Users of the Pro edition also get a new photo matching system and support for heightmaps when importing OpenStreetMap data, plus new high-detail vegetation models and night sky backgrounds.

Core software: higher quality render previews and materials with baked displacement
Users of the core edition get a new high-quality preview option. Clicking in the viewport causes the render view to refine progressively, showing materials and shadows more accurately.

Lumion also now supports render-time displacement effects, adding materials “with displacement maps baked in” – some new, some reworkings of existing library materials.

As the comments to the YouTube demo video note, the software actually seems to be using parallax occlusion mapping: it doesn’t seem to be possible to add your own displacement maps to materials.

New tools include Paint Placement, for placing trees and other natural objects in scenes using a brush-like workflow; and Landscape Cutter, for carving underground areas into terrain.

New AI-driven Artist Styles system transfers the painting style of traditional artists to renders 
However, the most unexpected – if not necessarily the most practical – new feature is an experimental AI-trained Artist Styles system which stylises renders to look like the work of famous painters.

The results vary, presumably according to how naturally the work of the artist in question lends itself to architectural images, but Cézanne and Monet options seem to work reasonably well.

Pro edition: match 3D models to photos, new vegetation and sky assets 
Users of the Pro edition get a semi-automated system for matching 3D models to photographic backplates.

Adjusting guides to match the vanishing points of a source photo enables Lumion to position and scale the 3D asset to match the perspective of the backplate, as shown in this video.

Photo Matching (available in Lumion 10 Pro) is a helpful tool when you need to quickly show your architectural design in the context of a real-life photograph. In Tutorial 1 of our three-part Photo Matching series, you'll learn some of the basics of this feature.

The lighting of the backplate is not matched automatically, and must be recreated manually.

The Pro edition can also now import heightmaps when using OpenStreetMap data, making it possible to recreate surrounding terrain as well as the position of buildings.

Pro users also get over 360 new assets in Lumion’s content library, including 62 higher-detail tree and plant models, five night sky backdrops for Real Skies, and a set of user-customisable aurora borealis effects

An all-in-one 3D rendering solution, Lumion 10 is tailored to meet the needs of architects. If you have a 3D model of your design that you want to bring to life quickly, Lumion is the tool you need. It allows you to convey your design by showcasing its beauty in its final setting. Plus, this is something you can do yourself without special training, and you can do it quickly.

What does Lumion 10 bring to the table? To put it simply, it has everything you need to create beautiful renders. Allowing what is in your imagination to come to life makes it fun to use. Giving artists the ability to share the feel of a design makes it an effective tool for communication. Building upon ease-of-use and how quickly you can create stunning visualizations makes it effective. With the new features and tools in this release, communicating residential and commercial exteriors in their lavishly detailed settings, casting interiors in a gorgeous interplay of light and shadow, and developing living environments for cityscapes and landscapes is possible without great effort.

Act-3D was among the pioneers when the first 3D acceleration hardware became commonplace. After several years of experience in simulation, training, architecture, TV and film Act-3D decided to focus on architectural visualization. Act-3D software is used all over the world, we have people working for us in more than 5 countries and currently Lumion is the most popular visualization solution of its kind.

Founded in 1998, Act-3D B.V. is the privately owned company behind Lumion. Based in Sassenheim, The Netherlands.

Product: Lumion
Version: 10.0 Pro
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