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  商品編號: DVDXX17287
  商品名稱: Corona Renderer 4 Hotfix 1 for 3DS MAX 2013-2020 超寫實照片級渲染器
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $100元
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Corona Renderer 4 Hotfix 1 for 3DS MAX 2013-2020 超寫實照片級渲染器

corona render是一款可以完美集成在3dsmax上使用的渲染器,這款渲染器渲染出來的效果非常真實,而且效率也很高。corona render可以渲染出高質量的結果,已經有很多人開始將它使用在工作當中。

1. 渲染質量


2. 渲染效率


3. 操作難度


x64 | 

Corona Renderer for 3ds Max is now available with many new features to this CPU-based un(biased) photorealistic renderer. Render times can be reduced by as much as 50 to 70% thanks to the new denoising capability, which is based on the 3D scene information and not just a 2D post-process effect, while adaptive rendering further reduces noise and grain in renders. Corona now also efficiently handles scenes with more than 255 lights.

Workflow is accelerated thanks to multiple render regions in interactive rendering, the Visual Frame Buffer allowing renders to be saved for quick A / B comparisons, the use of Nitrous for viewport drawing of all Corona Light / proxy / scatter items, and the option to display Corona Scatter objects as pointclouds in the viewport.

The update also brings with it an extensive list of other improvements and features, bug fixes, and support for all versions of 3ds Max, including the recently released 2017 version, in the installer.

Rendering Quality
Corona Renderer offers both biased and unbiased rendering solution at the user’s discretion. In both cases it delivers predictable, reliable, and physically plausible results with no compromises in quality.

Ease Of Use
Usability is our strongest weapon. Render setup is really as simple as pressing “Render”. Most new users will learn Corona in just one day, and fall in love with it over the next few…

Interactive Rendering
Corona Renderer brings you state of the art, fully-featured interactive rendering. You can change materials, lights, and create and adjust geometry while rendering. There is no need to manually restart or update the rendering, as it happens automatically, usually within less than a second. It runs completely on the CPU, so it has no limitations to what it can handle…

Corona Renderer is extremely flexible. We understand how important it is to be able to “bend” physical laws to deliver the results your clients expect. So Corona supports numerous reality hacks which allow you to get exactly the effect you desire…

Speed is an important factor in production that cannot be ignored. A usable renderer must always deliver results as fast as possible and that is why we are always looking for…

Workflow Tweaks
The output quality and speed are not the only things that make a great renderer. That is why Corona comes with many “little” workflow tweaks that will make your life much easier…

Our design goal for Corona materials is to make them physically based, yet intuitive, flexible, and easy to set up…

The whole process of creating lights is designed to give artists complete control over their scene, while being fast and intuitive. There are no sampling multipliers, and no differences between using light objects and materials…

SSS & Volumetrics
Corona Renderer also offers the volumetric/SSS rendering option since the version 1.0. We call it the Subsurface scattering revolution (SSSR). Why revolution? Because it is a fast, …

UHD Cache
Traditionally, users had to choose to either use unbiased algorithms without any caching and wait long time for all renders, or use biased caching algorithms, and deal with splotches, missing shadows, and sensitive input parameters. Corona merges the best of both worlds…

Distributed Rendering
Rendering with multiple computers at once is essential for any real production. Corona facilitates this in multiple ways – for example it has its own distributed rendering system, and it is compatible with the Backburner and Thinkbox’s Deadline render farm management systems…

Proudly CPU Based
Corona Renderer does not need any special hardware to run. It uses the CPU and you can run it on any processor from Intel or AMD released in the past decade…

System Requirements:
OS:64-bit Microsoft Windows (7, 8, 8.1, 10)
CPU:For Corona Renderer 2 and newer, you will need a CPU that supports the SSE4.1 instruction set (any processor from within the last 10 years). Here is a list of compatible CPUs.

Note: this denoiser type is optional, and Corona Renderer will work fine even if it's not installed (for example if you are using an AMD or integrated GPU). We also offer a High Quality denoiser, which utilizes purely the CPU, and this denoiser can be used on any computer which can run Corona Renderer.
Compability:Autodesk 3ds Max x64 version 2013-2020
Whats New:

Corona Renderer 4 for 3ds Max (Hotfix 1) released!
Here is the complete list of fixes:
- Noise in caustics is now cleared 2x faster in scenes without motion blur
- Fixed an issue where Corona Renderer was not loading for some non-English languages
- Fixed not being able to use render history to compare images with and without the new high quality filtering mode enabled
- Fixed crash when storing an image to the VFB history after running IR when both High quality filtering and Denoise during render are enabled
- Fixed crash when certain geometry is used in Corona proxy with “keep in RAM” disabled
- Fixed some Corona proxies being rendered as black when “Keep in RAM” checkbox is disabled
- Fixed loading certain proxy files generated by older versions of Corona
- Fixed crash when using “render()” command from maxscript
- Fixed material with “Always black” alpha mode being rendered with white alpha when using camera vignetting
- Fixed several crashes related to distance maps
- Fixed CoronaBitmap automatic reloading sometimes getting disabled.