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  商品編號: DVDXX17706
  商品名稱: Lumina Analytica Optimizer 5.3.3 x64 一款專業的分析軟件,包含了所有企業版功能,以及強大的處理引擎
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $100元
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Lumina Analytica Optimizer 5.3.3 x64 一款專業的分析軟件,包含了所有企業版功能,以及強大的處理引擎
Optimizer是Analytica的最高級版本,其包含了所有企業版功能,以及強大的處理引擎。其基於約束條件,用以發掘任何量化對象的最小化或最大化價值。或者,在某些對象數量不可用的情況下,它還可以通過內在的約束邊界發現可行性解決方案。它可以處理線形編程、二次方程變成以及一般的非線性編程,以及自動地識別。決策變量可以使連續的,半連續的,離散的或者混合的。其中最好的是,它可以無縫地與Analytica核心功能,包括Monte Carlo仿真和智能數組,簡化模型結構以及改善可視化能力相集成。它是一款完整的綜合了處理能力、可擴展性以及比其他優化平台易於使用決策解決方案。

Lumina Analytica Optimizer 5.x (x86/x64) | 
Optimizer is the highest edition level of Analytica. It includes all Enterprise features, plus the addition of powerful solver engines. It discovers decision values that minimize or maximize any quantified objective, subject to constraints. Or, in cases where an objective quantity is not present, it finds feasible solutions within constraint boundaries.

It handles Linear Programming, Quadratic Programming, and general Non-Linear Programming, and automatically distinguishes among all of them. Decision variables can be continuous, semi-continuous, discrete (Integer or Boolean), or mixed. Best of all, Analytica Optimizer seamlessly integrates optimization capability with all of Analytica's core features including: Monte Carlo simulation and Intelligent Arrays, simplifying model structure, and improving visual accessibility. It's a complete decision solution that combines solving power, scalability, and ease of use like no other optimization platform.

Should optimization models be intuitively represented, transparent, scalable, and easy to build? We think they should. But traditional optimization interfaces fail to meet all of these goals.
Spreadsheet optimizations are suitable for smaller problems, but they are inherently two-dimensional and difficult to scale;
Algebraic modeling languages are much better than the straight programming notation that preceded them, but their lack of visual context can still make complex models inscrutable to anyone but the model designer.

Analytica makes optimization modeling as simple and intuitive as it should be at all levels of complexity. Influence diagrams and Intelligent Arrays keep the entire analysis path accessible, from modeling to decision making. It accomplishes this in several ways:
Keeps model structure and assumptions in plain view at all times;
Combines optimization with sensitivity analysis to identify the inputs that have the most immediate influence on your objective value;
Allows you to add new scenarios for separate optimizations simply by adding a scenario dimension to any input array;
Adds Constraint nodes to allow you to specify arrays of constraints using simple inequality expressions;
Allows you to easily scale existing models using Intelligent Arrays.

Operating System: Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10

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