Red Giant Trapcode Suite

Red Giant Trapcode Suite


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  商品名稱: Red Giant Trapcode Suite 13.1.1 Win/Mac註冊版-紅巨星特效插件套裝
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Red Giant Trapcode Suite 13.1.1 Win/Mac註冊版-紅巨星特效插件套裝
Red Giant Software紅巨星軟件公司發佈Red Giant Trapcode Suite 13.1.1插件合集,由運動圖形和視覺特效師Peder Norrby開發。該更新包括Trapcode Tao,一個新的插件,以及Trapcode Particular, Shine, 和Mir,和Sound Keys, Starglow顯著更新和Form新的功能。

Red Giant Trapcode Suite 13.1.1更新內容(2016.11.04),主要更新Form,Tao,Sound Keys,和Mir,Tao新增預設,BUGS修復,還有添加支持AE/PR CC 2015.3/2017

Red Giant Trapcode Suite 13.1.1 Win/Mac註冊版-紅巨星特效插件套裝

Trapcode Suite 13包括11組工具:

Trapcode Particular 2.6 (新更新) 超炫粒子插件
Trapcode Tao V1.1 (新插件) 三維幾何圖形插件
Trapcode Form V2.2 三維空間粒子插件
Trapcode Mir V2.1(新更新) 三維圖形插件
Trapcode Shine V2.0.3(新更新)放射光插件
Trapcode Lux V1.4聚光燈插件
Trapcode 3D Stroke V2.6.10 3D路徑描邊插件
Trapcode Echospace V1.1.9 三維立體拖尾延遲插件
Trapcode Starglow V1.7.3  星光插件
Trapcode Sound Keys V1.4音頻關鍵幀插件
Trapcode Horizon V1.1.10 無限場景(天空)插件
支持軟件有:(Win&Mac 蘋果系統)
– Adobe After Effects CC 2015.3,2015, 2014, CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5
– Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015.3,2015, 2014, CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5

What's New in Trapcode Suite 13.1

Trapcode Suite 13.1 includes eleven products, four of which are new: Trapcode Particular 2.6, Trapcode Mir 2.1, Trapcode Shine 2.0, and the all-new Trapcode Tao 1.1. Three products have received updates: Trapcode Sound Keys 1.4, Trapcode Starglow 1.7 and Trapcode Form 2.2. The suite also includes Trapcode Lux 1.4, Trapcode 3D Stroke 2.6, Trapcode Horizon 1.1 and Trapcode Echospace 1.1.

Red Giant Trapcode Suite 13.1.1 Win/Mac註冊版-紅巨星特效插件套裝

Trapcode Form 2.2

UI Graphs – We've updated the 『Color over Life' and 『Size over Life' graphs in Trapcode Form to match those in Particular 2.5
Presets –  We have removed the outdated SD presets
Trapcode Form 2.2


In Sound Keys you can now choose to show or hide the various UI elements, making it easier to isolate and integrate them into your motion graphics work. And since we really wanted to make the Sound Keys UI elements useful for Mograph, we've added the ability to change the color mapping and the quantize the VU meter as separate blocks.

Color Map – We have updated the Sound Keys color map to match Particular 2.5』s color map.
Trapcode Sound Keys 1.4


Effects Builder
90 New presets
Sprites Library
New 「Over Life」 Graphs
Explode behaviour
Aspect Ratio Control
Square and Circle Particle types
Render up to 30 Million particles
Effect Builder updates:
New switch for disabling motion blur within the builder
Minor bug fixes
Trapcode Particular 2.6


25 new presets
Seamless looping
Quads or triangle polygons
Second-pass wireframe
Z-Range min/max
4 types of Fractal Distortions
Performance enhancements
New Presets – there are 25 brand new presets (a total of 43 in all) to help jumpstart your work
New feature – Visibility settings accommodate higher-resolution projects
Minor bug fixes
Trapcode Mir 2.1

Trapcode Lux 1.4

Minor bug fixes
Trapcode Tao 1.1

New Presets – 25 New presets have been added to help jumpstart your work.
Negative OAS Duration – The OAS Duration property now allows negative values (see below).
Faster Rendering with New Light Modes – In addition to 「Entire Path」 and 「Build Up,」 there are now 3 new Tao Light Modes that can speed up render times (see below).
Minor Bug fixes
Trapcode Tao 1.1

TAO – Allow negative OAS Duration:

When OAS Duration is set to negative, the OAS sampling happens from Current Time and backwards in time. So for example, if OAS Duration is set to -10, and Current Time is 10 (the TLI is at 10 seconds) the OAS values are sampled from 10 seconds and back to zero. This is useful for example for audio visualizations, so that for example a beat in the values can travel over time over the path.

New TAO Lights modes:

Build-up and Remove
Build-up (fast)
Build-up and Remove (fast)
The new Build-up and Remove mode is useful when building huge, long structures with TAO Lights and only the newest part is actually visible. With this new mode the plug-in can disregard the older part of the path, making it faster.

The new Build-up (fast) and Build-up and Remove (fast) do not sample the real length of the path leading to much faster rendering for long paths.

All three new modes are really only useful when dealing with very long paths, tens of thousands of segments, where only the newest part of the path is visible.


3D camera aware
Fractal Noise
35 fully-customizable presets


New color/direction presets have been added into Trapcode Starglow.