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  商品名稱: PSTViewer Pro 8.0.670.0 x86/x64多語言中文註冊版-PST文件瀏覽工具
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PSTViewer Pro 8.0.670.0 x86/x64多語言中文註冊版-PST文件瀏覽工具
PSTViewer Pro 是一款PST文件的專業查看瀏覽工具,幫助您查看輕鬆的PST文件的內容。.pst文件是微軟outlook文件的專用格式,可以用outlook打開。支持:Win7/Win10。有了這個,就無需去安裝outlook也可以直接看了。支持針對類別進行搜索的功能!

PSTViewer Pro 8.0.670.0 x86/x64多語言中文註冊版-PST文件瀏覽工具


這款軟件官方支持簡體中文和繁體中文,不過官方把簡體和繁體搞反了,切換簡體卻變成了繁體,相反,切換繁體卻變成了簡體。。。。大家在安裝時或者在設定語言(Language)時選擇Chinese 或者Chinese Simplified(簡體中文)、Chinese Traditional(繁體中文) 或者ChineseS、ChineseT即可。

PSTViewer Pro 8.0.670.0 x86/x64多語言中文註冊版-PST文件瀏覽工具

PSTViewer Pro is an application for viewing and exporting MSG, EML, PST and OST files, including those containing email messages, contacts and tasks. PSTViewer Pro does not require MAPI installed on computer to work with PST and OST files. You can view message headers, bodies, attachments and perform various actions on them including exporting them to different file formats.

PSTViewer Pro key features:

Viewing headers, bodies and attachments of messages in MSG, EML and PST formats.
Support for reading PST and OST files without MAPI (Messaging Applications Programming Interface) installed.
Ability to view contacts, tasks, appointments, etc.
Viewing messages with Plain Text, RTF and HTML bodies.
Lots of possible actions for messages, such as Reply, Forward, Print, Export.
Exporting messages to multiple formats with lots of possible export preferences.
Advanced search, filtering and file system navigation system.
Highly customizable user interface with profiles support.
Command line utility.
Integration with Windows and default email client.

PSTViewer Pro 8.0.670.0 x86/x64多語言中文註冊版-PST文件瀏覽工具
Supported message formats:

MSG – Microsoft Outlook message file; compatible with other programs that use Microsoft's Messaging Applications Programming Interface (MAPI).
EML – E-mail message saved by Microsoft Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Lotus, and other e-mail programs; may also contain e-mail attachments, or files sent with the message.
PST – Personal Storage Table, file format used to store local copies of messages, calendar events, and other items within Microsoft Outlook.
OST – Off-line Storage Table that stores e-mail messages and other data saved by the application from an Exchange server.

8.0.670.0 更新記錄:
– PVP8-93[ADD] PVP 64 Bit Launch
– PVP8-163[FIX] Relaunching PVP does not enumerate emails from the folder
– PVP8-99[FIX] Custom naming schema. Resulting file is named incorrectly if original email has multiple recipients in 「CC:」 field
– PVP8-98[FIX] Confirmation dialog for cancelling export

– PVP8-106[FIX] Missing text on PVP 7 and 8