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PWGen v2.9.0 中英文便攜免安裝版- 隨機密碼生成軟件
PWGen是一款功能強大的隨機密碼生成軟件。PWGen可以幫助用戶生成非常安全的密碼,不僅可以生成密碼,而且支持設置排列方式隨機生成密碼。本站提供PWGen下載,有需要的用戶歡迎前來體驗! PWGen可以生成難以記住的隨機密碼或容易記住的密碼,可以以交互方式使用它,也可以通過腳本以批模式使用它。

PWGen v2.9.0 中英文便攜免安裝版- 隨機密碼生成軟件

在默認情況下,PWGen 向標準輸出發送許多密碼,一般來說,我們不需要這種結果;但是,如果希望選擇要手工輸入的一次性密碼,這種輸出是有用的。在生成密碼時,PWGen 在默認情況下嘗試在密碼中包含數字和大寫字母。


完全 Unicode 支持;
密碼哈希值功能:生成基於主密碼和參數字符串(例如:網站名稱)密碼,類似 Hashapass 工具;
可運行在 Win 95 OEM SR2/WinXP/Vista/Windows 7/Win 8/Windows 10以及所有更高版本 Windows 系統平台中;

-1 每行輸出一個密碼
-c 必須包含大寫字母
-n 必須包含數字
-s 隨機密碼
3、pwgen 命令更多有趣的參數:
-B, –ambiguous:密碼中不包含容易混淆的字符,比如說「1」和「l」、「0」和「O」.
-v, –no-vowels:密碼不包括元音字母或者可能被誤認為是元音字母的數字.
(1. 使用命令 PWGen 來生成一個長度為 10 個字符的獨特的隨機密碼;生成一個獨特的隨機密碼,一口氣生成若干組長度為 50 個字符的唯一的隨機密碼!
(2.生成多組隨機密碼:你還可以使用 makepasswd 來每次生成一個給定長度的獨特的隨機密碼.在你把玩 makepasswd 命令之前,請確保你已經安裝了它.如若沒有安裝它,試試使用 Apt 或 YUM 包管理器來安裝 makepasswd這個軟件包.
5、生成一個長度為 10 個字符的隨機密碼.該命令產生的密碼的長度默認為 10.
6、使用 makepasswd 生成獨特的密碼:生成一個長度為 50 個字符的隨機密碼;生成長度為 50 的密碼;生成 7 個長度為 20 個字符的隨機密碼.

There are many ways to choose good (i.e., secure) passwords—but the best way is to let a random generator choose a password. If these passwords are long enough, it will take years, if not centuries, to find them by 「brute force」. Computer programs like PWGen can assist you in generating random passwords, as humans are not very good at making up random numbers themselves. Unfortunately, random character sequences like zio5FcV7J are fairly hard to memorize (although this is possible and probably not as difficult as you might imagine), so you may want to try passphrases composed of words from a word list instead: Five words from a word list with 8000 words or more are sufficient in most cases to create a high-quality passphrase; moreover, the security can easily be increased by adding some random characters.

PWGen v2.9.0 中英文便攜免安裝版- 隨機密碼生成軟件

The need for secure passwords has grown since the advent of the Internet and its many websites where the access to certain resources (message board, user account, and so on) is controlled by a user name/password pair. Fortunately, since the invention of so-called password safes, you don't have to remember all these passwords anymore—you just store them in the password safe which is protected by a 「master password」 (that must be memorized carefully, of course). As this master password is used to protect highly sensi-tive data, it should conform to the highest security level possible. The security level, which grows with increasing password length, is only limited by the user's ability to mem-orize random characters or words. With some effort, most people are certainly able to memorize a 90-bit password.

PWGen is capable of generating cryptographically secure random passwords and passphrases conforming to highest security levels. It can be used to generate master passwords, account passwords and generally all sorts of random sequences. It also offers the option to create lots of passwords at once. Just give it a try!

Program Features

●Password generation based on a cryptographically secure pseudo-random number generator (combination of SHA-256 and AES)
● Entropy gathering by measuring time intervals between keystrokes, mouse movements and mouse clicks; additionally, entropy from volatile system-specific parameters is collected in regular time intervals
● Generation of  pass phrases composed of words from a word list
● Pattern-based password generation (formatted passwords) provides nearly endless possibilities to customize passwords to the user's needs
● Generation of phonetic (pronounceable) passwords based on language-specific trigram (3-letter sequences) frequencies
● Numerous password options for various purposes
● Generation of large amounts of passwords at once
● 「Password hasher」 functionality
● Secure text encryption (AES with 256-bit key)
● Multilingual support
● Full Unicode Support
● Runs on all 32-bit & 64-bit Windows versions (i.e., Windows 95 [OEM SR2], NT 4.0, 98, 2000, Me, XP, Vista, Win7, 8, Win10; Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012).

PWGen v2.9.0/ 更新日誌:
– New option 「Specify length」 for the 「Include words」 setting;
– Check on start-up if an instance of PWGen is already running;
– New option 「Change font」 in the context menu of the 「Quick help」 window;
– Changed hot keys for profiles from <Ctrl>+<Alt>+… to <Alt>+<Shift>+…;
– Password option 「Include at least one lower-case letter」 did not work for phonetic passwords with mixed-case letters;