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  商品名稱: App Builder 2016.187註冊版附註冊機-移動Apps開發工具
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App Builder 2016.187註冊版附註冊機-移動Apps開發工具
App Builder 這是一款完整的創建HTML5和混合移動應用的軟件。 App Builder為我們提供了幾十種視覺和非視覺空間,應用程序的設計師們可以輕鬆地將其放在應用中。Timers、HTTP Clients、文本輸入、按鈕等許多控件隨手就可以使用。你不需要知道JavaScript也能創建應用。

App Builder 2016.187註冊版附註冊機-移動Apps開發工具

App Builder腳本是基於可視化輔助行為的,我們可以用來做任何希望做的事情,類似的還有上百個行為控件。App Builder應用可以從多個方面得到擴展。除了基於行為的腳本,我們可以使用JavaScript。我們可以開發和使用第三方的App Builder腳本插件,也可以使用Apache Cordova插件。

App Builder is the first and the only one visual development environment that allow you to create, with or without programming knowledge, HTML5 apps, WebApps, Progressive WebApps, WebExtensions and Hybrid apps for mobile and the desktop.

* Remove the Help toolbar from the main program's window. The Help menu continue available of course, but, since the addition of the Browsers toolbar, and, even when we can hide the Help toolbar, I consider it not really useful in the main program's window. Some other minor changes, fixes and enhancements has been incorporated to this release too.

* The App Builder french translation is now completed at a 100% including the very latest introduced changes in the program. Thanks very much Jean for your work!
* Fix an introduced mistake introduced in the previous App Builder release who leave a double quote (「) when prepare HTML code for the WebCam control.


* Introducing the new dynamic browsers feature. Until now, we can choose a couple of browsers to be integrated into the App Builder debugger. App Builder try to find the Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Opera browsers, and then we can launch our app using one of these browsers from the appropiate App Builder debugger toolbar's buttons.

From this release App Builder try to search the same browsers plus the Vivaldi browser, and, also allow us to add more browsers to be availables, not only in the Debugger toolbar, but also in a new App Builder Browsers toolbar and a new 「Run with…」 menu item.
This means two things: we can add more browsers than the default ones, and, also we can debug our application directly in one of the available browsers. This is particularly useful when we test some feature now available in the App Builder debugger (Internet Explorer) but available in other modern browsers like Edge, Firefox, Chrome, etc.

* Add the new 「Report17」 application sample. This app sample is similar than the Report one, but here we can see how to call app's function from Report's records. In addition to the Report's events like Click and RowClick, we can also use app's functions to be called from the Report's records' HTML code.