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  商品名稱: BabelColor CT&A 5.0.0 Build 358 註冊版-色彩管理軟件
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BabelColor CT&A 5.0.0 Build 358 註冊版-色彩管理軟件
BabelColor可在19種RGB色彩庫之間進行轉換,是一個強大的色彩管理軟件,可轉換的色彩標準如ProPhoto , Adobe公司( 1998年) ,和sRGB ,一個用戶定義的自定義空間, 4個行業標準的彩色目錄(英國標準5252 ,即BS5252/BS4800/etc ,FED-STD-595B ,unsell, 和 RAL CLASSIC) ,以及用戶定義的顏色目錄。獲取許多公式的色差值,包括CIEDE2000 。

BabelColor CT&A 5.0.0 Build 358 註冊版-色彩管理軟件

BabelColor有一個強大的色彩穩定性分析儀 ,多用途頻譜瀏覽器,可適合攝影師,圖形和網頁設計師,產品和紡織品設計師,科學家,業餘愛好者等使用。

CT&A (Color Translator & Analyzer) is a collection of tools specifically designed for the measurement, conversion, and analysis of individual colors or small batches of colors (depending on the tool). Tools are grouped by theme in individually managed windows; these windows are controlled with a menu or toolbar.

General features
• Toolbar window: CT&A's top window contains a toolbar with icons that open each set of tools in separate windows. The icons are separated in three groups. The first group, with three icons, is associated to the RGB vs RGB tool, a tool which accepts tristimulus type color space inputs such as L*a*b* and RGB. The second group, with eight icons, is associated to tools which require spectral data in order to provide a measurement. The last group has one icon, which opens the Help documentation. Opening and closing windows can be done with the toolbar icons or with the 「Tools」 menu, which contains additional window management functions.

• Designed for Windows and Mac: Compatible with Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 10, Mac OS X (Mac Intel). Although the interface is very similar on all platforms, the menus are laid out and labeled according to the user-guidelines for each platform.

• Help manual: The program comes with a complete help manual which covers the operation and background information relative to each tool. The manual also includes many chapters devoted to basic color theory, including detailed equations. The manual is provided in PDF format (350+ pages); it contains thousands of hyperlinks, for easy navigation, and a thorough index. You can use and keep this manual even if you do not buy the program!

• Tutorials: The help manual includes many tutorials to learn how to use the program features.