Password Vault Manager Enterprise

Password Vault Manager Enterprise


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  商品名稱: Password Vault Manager Enterprise Multilingual + Portable
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Password Vault Manager Enterprise Multilingual + Portable
密碼管理器(Devolutions Password Vault Manager Enterprise)是一款可用來管理所有的密碼和您敏感信息的高度安全的密碼管理工具。程序可以幫助你在一個有組織的和安全的數據庫中保存您的信用卡號碼、銀行帳戶、您的序列號或各種用戶名和密碼。

Password Vault Manager Enterprise 8.x Multilingual + Portable | 108/114 Mb
Password Vault Manager lets you and your team centralize your organization's passwords and credentials into one secure repository. Manage user security rights and access, reduce help desk support calls and strengthen your network security by generating only strong and unique passwords. Password Vault Manager is your all-in-one solution to streamline password management. Stop losing time retrieving forgotten passwords and enjoy the industry's most intuitive and customizable dashboard.

Password Management
• Secure, organize and store your passwords into groups and folders.
• Manage your bank and credit card information, alarm codes, software keys, email account information and many others using one master password.
• Eliminate time loss on retrieving forgotten passwords and credentials.
• Reduce help-desk call by 25% to 40%.

Team Solution
• Centralize passwords and credentials into a secure repository for easy maintenance and updates.
• Share data entries between multiples users.
• Manage user security accesses.

User Interface & Organization
• Intuitive interface for all type of users.
• Easy to deploy, easy to use in an Enterprise environment.
• No extensive training required.

Documents & Information
• Manage documents as attachments or secure notes.
• View access logs and reports for management purposes.
• Keep tracks of every action including the changes on an entry.

• Increase network security with strong and unique passwords.
• Identify weak passwords.
• Generate strong random passwords.
• U.S. federal government approved encryption.

Other Features
• Import passwords and credentials from a vast variety of management tools including: KeePass, 1password, LastPass, SplashID, Password Safe and many others.
• Portable device operation model supported
• Extend the application with our SDK

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