Anthemion Software DialogBlocks

Anthemion Software DialogBlocks


  商品編號: sys0828
  商品名稱: Anthemion Software DialogBlocks 5.12.2 + Portable
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Anthemion Software DialogBlocks 5.12.2 + Portable
Anthemion Software DialogBlocks 5.x | 21 Mb

DialogBlocks is a sizer-based resource editor that quickly gets you creating professional-looking dialogs, wizards and frames for deployment on Windows, Linux, Mac or any other supported wxWidgets platform. What can DialogBlocks help you do?

• create resizeable, portable dialogs;
• create complex wizards;
• create frames complete with menubar and toolbar;
• see and edit the properties for each control or sizer in a convenient, consistent property editor;
• output to C++ or XRC;
• give your dialogs context-sensitive help and tooltips;
• store image resources and convert to inline or file-based XPMs;
• edit the generated C++ code by hand, but have DialogBlocks insert changes to the dialog;
• preview your dialogs, then quickly compile and run the application from within DialogBlocks;
• migrate your old RC dialogs as first-shot wxWidgets dialogs before full sizer-based conversion.

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