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  商品編號: xdvd5168
  商品名稱: Windows Azure Solutions with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
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Windows Azure Solutions with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

This class is an introduction to cloud computing and specifically Microsoft's public cloud offering in Windows Azure. Windows Azure has been described by Microsoft as an operating system for "the cloud". In this class, you explore this new cloud operating system and learn how to write, deploy and monitor .NET applications in Azure.

Audience Profile

This class is designed for .NET developers with Web application experience that are exploring developing new applications or porting existing applications to Windows Azure.

At Course Completion

After completing this course, students will be able to:

Understand cloud computing in its various forms and how Windows Azure fits in the cloud computing space.

Learn why organizations want to run applications in the Azure cloud.

Understand the architecture of Azure.

Explore the Azure SDK and DevFabric development environment.

See how to develop applications for Azure and how that varies from "normal" .NET application development.

Write and deploy a ASP.NET Web application (Web Role) to Azure.

Explore Azure storage capability.

Learn how to create and deploy background computatinal applications (Worker Role) in Azure.

Explore SQL Azure capability.